Anabel González

First I am moving forward at least in the corrections in Spanish and I hope to work today in the corrections in English. I´m happy and really motivated!!
I think I must put my msn and yahoo messenger state on busy today. I f not I will start to chat and not work!

Now the question I have to ask you, in BLAS I talk about negotiating a price, over here we call it regatear so i seacrh for translations for that word and found:

First dribble but I think that is more for sports
and second haggle the translator program says:bargain, wrangle, negotiate, argue over a price or condition

[ˈhægl] intransitive verb
to haggle (with somebody over or about something) regatear (algo con alguien)

I think this word fits to what I want but Is this word still used?

For all of you that live in the US Happy Thanksgiving! For the rest have a great day



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  1. bogwitch64 Says:

    Hey! I left a comment earlier and the internet ate it!
    Yes, haggle is a word still used in English. It's a good word!

  2. Sometimes I hate internet specially when it does that!!
    Thank you for the help!!

  3. robinellen Says:

    Some people definitely haggle around here :)

  4. patesden Says:

    Around my neck of the woods, people haggle or dicker.

  5. jeniwrites Says:

    I believe regatear is best translated as "to bargain" or "to haggle" in English. (My son just learned this word in his Spanish class; I also have a major in Spanish, though I don't speak it well now -- just well enough to help him with his homework.) "Haggle" is used in English, although it tends to have a negative connotation; you haggle with someone when you're trying to get a good deal from someone who may be reluctant to give you a good deal. "Negotiate" has a more positive connotation to it, as though both parties are participating equally.
    I hope this helps! Jeni

  6. Thank you very much I will take note also of dicker!

  7. Over here too!! it's almost a sport!!:)

  8. Thank you Jeni it helped a lot!
    I also think with your explanations that regatear is best translated with haggle.
    What a coincidence that your son learned the same word!!:)

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