Anabel González

Well, or at least for a few days. Now it’s on the hands of a great friend that will give me her opinion and in June another great friend will read it. I have amazing friends.

I still can’t believe that I translated this whole novel by myself and that I revised it 10 times. It’s been forever!

I want to thank all of you who encouraged me to do this by myself, to try and cheered me up all the way. Even if this novel never gets an agent or gets published I will be proud because it was my first in English.

Really I can’t thank you enough!

Now it comes time to plan and think, the YA market is very competitive and I already wrote a paranormal romance that has very few chances to get picked since there’s a lot out there. Summer is coming with kids at home for a month and a half so I want to outline three novels so I can draft them during he school year. I’m thinking about two contemporary and one sci-fi,fantasy, romance novel (if that genre even exists).

For one of them I have to research a lot about medical care in the US because I know nothing but I think all this time will help.

Also I plan to memorize the elements of style in the summer and read whatever good book about writing I kind find. I’m open to suggestions…

Glowing shadow will not go to submissions until my friends read it and I revise it again, then I will make a tea and wait.

For now I will take the morning off and go shopping!


Again thank you to all of you!

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Anabel González

Sorry for all this days only post on Wednesday, but I’m deep in revisions of Glowing Shadow. It’s almost done and I can’t stop!!!

I hope this images inspire you as they inspire me every day. Feel free to tell which is your favorite and why or even share ours!






Since I’m an introvert I loved this one.



Tomorrow is mother’s day here in Mexico and I found this image and quote beautiful!




Have a great day! Back to revisions I go!

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Anabel González

We just got back to normal, we had a long weekend here in Mexico. Friday kids didn’t had school because teachers have a meeting every last Friday of the month (Why I don’t know) Monday they decided it was a good idea to give it off since Tuesday was May 1. I wonder why this is a good idea since the kids just got back to school from two weeks of spring break. Oh and they are having Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 off to because the 15 is teachers day. I wonder how they’re going to grade April and May or most importantly if my kids are going to learn something this months!

Anyway, today I hope I can go back to my MS. Three more pages and it will be fully translated the I will have to go back to a revision and off to my awesome critique partner.

Well, so here are the images of the day:









And last I’m posting this image that I think is helpful for everyone:


I hope some images help you, inspire you or just make you laugh!

As always all this images I got them from my friends on Facebook!

If you like too share here images that inspire you or make you laugh, or only comment if some of them helped.

I hope all of you are well and having an awesome day!