Anabel González

Today I spent the day dealing with school , homework, doctors and a little translation.I am tired.
I was sure that I could have 3 hours for my book but live got in the way!

Right now I will go to continue translating but I wanted to say thank you to you all for your advices, your offers of help and for being there. We met only a few weeks ago and you all are treating and accepting  me as a friend of months.
You all became important to me by being friends who think as I do, who like what I like and must of all that understand all the things we live by being a writer. You are very dear to me!

Uff I feel better, I wanted to say that to you and I never found the time or the words so I am letting them flow of my mouth to the keyboard!

It is going to be a long weekend here in Mexico because we are celebrating 100 year of the revolution. I will have to take Carlos to his competition of tae kwan do, put the christmas tree ( yes I put it a month ahead because we love christmas!) and then I hope to have plenty of time to translate because I go slowly. Hopefuly the more I do it the faster I will go!

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  1. bogwitch64 Says:

    ((((((((((((Anabel))))))))))))))) It would be hard not to like you. You're so sweet!

  2. robinellen Says:

    I hope your weekend is satisfying and accomplished :)

  3. thank you! I hope you have a very good weekend too!

  4. Ohhh thank you very much! I don´t know if I am sweet but I am very emotional.

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