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Today I start my post with this quote:

If you have other things in your life - family, friends, good productive day work - these can interact with your writing and the sum will be all the richer.
David Brin

I'm sure he is right if the writer has a "real" life he could write better, with more detail. He can write characters and situations that make the reader feel connected.

For now my life has all been doing everything but writing, housecleaning, ironing, cleaning my desk (I still have a lot of work to do...), go to the supermarket, play with the baby. And finally I have a cold!It was what I was missing with the lack of sleep, but then yesterday I managed to sleep about 6 hours so I am well served.

Now I will try to write even a paragraph before my little baby wakes up and we start with all again.

Have a nice day!



Hoy quiero empezar mi post con esta frase:

Si tiene otras cosas en su vida - familia, amigos, buen trabajo, un día productivo - éstos pueden interactuar con su escritura y la suma será tanto más rica.


David Brin

      Estoy segura que tiene razón si el escritor tiene una vida “real” puede escribir mejor, con mayor detalle. Puede escribir personajes y situaciones que hagan al lector sentirse relacionado.

      Por hoy en mi vida todo ha sido hacer de todo menos escribir, limpiar la casa, planchar, ordenar mi escritorio (aún me falta mucho…), hacer el supermercado, jugar con el bebé. Y por último tengo un resfriado!!!

      Era lo que me faltaba con la falta de sueño, pero bueno ayer conseguí dormir casi 6 horas así que me doy por bien servida.

      Ahora intentare escribir aunque sea un párrafo antes de que mi pequeño bebe despierte y volvamos a empezar.

      Que tengan un lindo día!


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      16 Responses
      1. robinellen Says:

        I started writing novels when my daughter was 8 months old -- before then, I just couldn't find any time. It's so much easier now that both kiddos are in school (E, my daughter, is in first grade, so this is the first year she's been gone all day).

      2. Yes is easier when they are bigger. My baby well he is not a baby anymore is going to become two in a few days. He is starting to speak so we are thinking of taking him a few ours to preeschool in february so he can share with kids of his age other than his brother. I guess then I will have more time!!

      3. patesden Says:

        I hope you feel better soon.
        The hard thing about finding time to write is that something is always coming up. You're right to aim for a paragraph, then any more you get done is a bonus :)

      4. patesden Says:

        Check out this blog post. It might be what you're looking for--or perhaps you already follow her?

      5. yes!! always something appears! yes even a line is one line more!

      6. Thank you very much. I didn´t follow her.I will check it!
        I am very grateful to you for all the help you are giving me!! :)

      7. tracy_d74 Says:

        get well soon.
        and yes, the more life you live, the better your writing.

      8. bogwitch64 Says:

        Babies and writing do NOT mix well! I had four of them. I didn't start writing until the last of them started preschool.
        How old is the baby?

      9. the baby is almost two, I guess he is not a baby anymore but for me it is. I am thinking of sending him in february a few hours to preschool. Good for him because he can play and good for me bcause I can do things!
        I started writing when he started taking two hour nap in the day.And my five year old spent more time in school.

      10. bogwitch64 Says:

        A two hour nap?? Oh, my! Once they could walk, my kids never napped, little monsters. :)

      11. bogwitch64 Says:

        Oh, YIKES! Not good.

      12. He takes a two hour nap in the day because he sleeps bad at night. Soemtimes we sleep only 3 hours.
        My five year old never took naps in the day :)

      13. bogwitch64 Says:

        A very beautiful raccoon!

      14. Not at all I look like a raccoon!

      15. thank you!! you are so sweet! :)

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