Anabel González

"Write quickly and you will never write well. Write well, and you will soon write quickly."
Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, 65 A.D

When I read this quote it reminded me of the process I am in. I write slowly in English but I am learning to do it well , so I hope soon I could write quickly.

I revised and translated 3 more pages today. I am very happy!!

Although today a woman made me angry at my kid's school. I went there today to help him get out of the pool , bath, etc. While his father waited outside with Alex. Well when we were going out of the pool there was another mother and told me " Is your brother?".  I am 29 I really think a 5 year old can be my son. But that was good, as it seems I look younger.

 I answered " no , he is my son" and she replies " Oh so the baby outside that also has blue  eyes is yours?". " yes" . " And the father is the one outside?". At his moment I was thinking where were we going with all this questions. Finally I replied :" yes he is". And the woman told me "None of you two have blue eyes so or you made them with much love or..." And she leave it like that. I wanted to slap here on the face. What was she trying to say!!
I am tired of people looking bad at me when they see the kids and my husband eyes. I know it's totally strange to have two kids with blue eyes when the parents don´t but that's the way it happened. Great grandparents had a lot to say in the genetic of kids.Grrrr. So I took a deep breath, gave her an annoyed look and walked away. I was not going to say anything in front of my son.
 I guess its time of getting used to it. But you never get used to prejudice.

Well now that I shared my angry moment and this great quote I will go back to my revision-translation process.

How are you doing with your drafts,revisions,etc?

Have a great day!

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  1. tracy_d74 Says:

    WoW! I can't believe that. Genes do all kinds of wacky things in families. I have a cousin that looks Cherokee Indian, and not a hint of black features even though both her parents are black. I have a friend who is Cnoctaw Indian, dark brown hair, amazing amber eyes. Her sister? Blonde hair and blue eyes. The SAME parents.
    My revisions. Uggh! I spent forever on them tonight. A section I thought I did not revise well, was in fact...not done well. I will get back your comments on Thursday. Sorry. :(

  2. What a !@#$!!!
    I would've totally wanted to smack her. I can't believe she said that. But you were way classier than she was. Good job for not sinking to her low level.

  3. bogwitch64 Says:

    Wow...why would someone say anything like that to a stranger?? What a jerk. I'm glad you ignored her.

  4. robinellen Says:

    It amazes me how nosy people are sometimes! I've had many people ask me who E's mom is (when I'm holding her hand or even carrying her -- when she was younger).
    Yay for the translation work :)

  5. writerjenn Says:

    Brown-eyed parents can have blue-eyed children. Not only was she rude, she doesn't know genetics.
    Congratulations on your revision progress!

  6. It was hard but I did it, I don´t want my son to learn that kind of things.

  7. I know genes can do all kind of things!! the doctor of my kids says that with the family genes we have estadisticly we should have 1 child out of ten with blue eyes but we have two, and that's totally possible.
    Don´t worry for my comments. I hope you can end Diyari revisions and that you can breathe:)

  8. I know, why they care!
    Thank you I am very happy with my translation!

  9. She was an ignorant!but unfortunately many people make judgments based on ignorance
    Thank you!!:)

  10. tracy_d74 Says:

    I finished the Diyari revisions. I sent them out. *Sighs*

  11. You will see that they are going to like it and that you are going to have to make just a few changes! :) hugs

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