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Before discussing the issue at an update of my life:

I could not write anything this weekend or research for my sequel, nor for how to make my query letter, nothing. My house was flooded and all my forces were intended to clean and fix the mess. Today I hope to return to routine.

Anyway, today my older child wanted to finally spend time with me and I'm happy! Since I became pregnant with his younger brother he was far away from me and no matter how hard I tried he did not want me for anything even for the basics if his dad was there he always preferred him. But today after many baby steps he wanted to spend his time with me and filled me with kisses and hugs. Can I be happier?

Now we discuss the issue at hand: For days I have been developing the theme of my sequel, researching and outlining the story. The problem? I do that while I have the voices of the characters in a new book resonating strongly in my head. I have yet to clear the thematic basis of the book, much of it but their voices are there and do not leave me alone.

That's why I constantly wonder if I should be disciplined and finish this series first before embarking on a new project or directly following these voices.

If I am disciplined with what I'm doing I have the advantage that I'm totally stuck in the personality of my character which is important because it is a novel written in first person, I have also very clear the rest of base characters and scenarios . This will make the sequel much easier to write and I feel that if I leave it now it will be more difficult to recover all this later.


On the other hand is to follow these loud voices what is tempting because it means they have very much to tell.

In your experience what do you think is better, the discipline or to follow the voices?



Antes de hablar del tema en cuestión una actualización de mi vida

No he podido escribir nada este fin de semana, ni investigar para mi secuela, ni tampoco para cómo hacer mi query letter, nada. Mi casa se inundó y todas mis fuerzas fueron destinadas a limpiar y arreglar el desastre. Espero hoy poder volver a la rutina.

Además hoy mi niño mayor por fin quiso pasar tiempo conmigo y estoy feliz! Desde que me embaracé de su hermano pequeño se alejó mucho de mí y no importaba cuanto lo intentara él no me quería para nada ni siquiera para lo básico siempre si su papa estaba lo prefería a el. Pero hoy después de muchos pequeños pasitos he conseguido que quiera pasar su tiempo conmigo y me ha llenado de besos y abrazos. Se puede ser más feliz?

Ahora hablemos del tema en cuestión. Desde hace unos días estoy desarrollando el tema de mi secuela, investigando y esbozando la historia. El problema? Que mientras lo hago tengo las voces de los personajes de un nuevo libro resonando fuertemente en mi cabeza. Todavía no tengo claro la temática base del libro ni mucho de él pero sus voces están ahí y no me dejan en paz.

Por eso me pregunto constantemente si debo ser disciplinada y acabar primero esta saga antes de embarcarme en un nuevo proyecto o directamente seguir estas voces.

Si soy disciplinada y sigo con lo que estoy haciendo tengo la ventaja de que estoy totalmente metida en la personalidad de mi personaje principal lo cual es importante porque es un novela escrita en primera persona, tengo además muy claro al resto de personajes y escenarios base que me harán mucho más fácil la escritura y siento que si lo dejo ahora me será más difícil recuperarlo luego.

Por otro lado seguir estas fuertes voces es tentador porque hablan alto y eso quiere decir que tienen mucho que contar.

Ustedes que creen que es mejor la disciplina a la hora de escoger un trabajo siguiente o seguir las voces de tu cabeza?


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13 Responses
  1. tracy_d74 Says:

    that is an individual choice. if you have an agent for the first book, it might stand to reason to finish the series. you might want ot write good outlines for the other books if you decide to go with a different project. but if you don't, have an agent other stories can give you more things to query later. it is a writer's decision.
    i've been meaning to ask you. you talked about translating your story. i don't know how translation works, but would it be wiser to sell the book to someone and see if there is demand for it in english? i'm asking. i honestly don't know. it just seems like american authors sell their books in U.S. and then other countries request it, then someone translates it...i don't think the author is in charge of that. but maybe they are. i'm curious.

  2. the problem is that kind of book here is only published when it is a translation of a book already published in the US. So what they recommend to authors like me is or to write directly in english or to translate it and query in the US.
    What is important when translating for querying is to have a good relationship with the translator, to set the conditions of the agreement very clearly and that he believes in your project as you do. Because you are going to work a lot together , in revisions, etc.
    In exchange when a US author sell his rights and his novel gets translated he didn´t has any contact with the translator and the transltor makes the adaptation he wants with the publishing house. That´s why many books have different things in different languages , because it is an adaptation to that country way of speaking,living,etc. not a literal translation.
    My husband says I must write in english!! but it is still hard for me.
    Ok I think I commented a lot. If you have other questions ask me, I don´t know much but maybe I can help.

  3. tracy_d74 Says:

    WOW! That is interesting. It is so different. Thank you for answering. Is this your first book?
    Diyari is my first. I have the sequels written. But if Diyari never gets picked up, no one will see it..other than my 5 friends who have read it already. I have another book: The Collector. When I get this set of revisions done for DC, I will edit TC.

  4. bogwitch64 Says:

    First--Yay for you and your boy! My youngest son was like that. When his daddy was around, I could disappear. He just wanted daddy, daddy, daddy. That didn't change until he was in his teens. Now, my son and I are very, very close.
    Second--You have to go with whichever story you feel more for. I had this same problem after finishing Finder. I hadn't sold it yet, though I'd already sent it out. I had two projects I really wanted to do. One was the sequel to Finder, the other was a whole new project I was REALLY excited about. I couldn't decide!! In the end, I went with the sequel because I believed Finder would sell, and that having a sequel ready would be better than a whole new story.
    In the end, it was the better choice, though the other story still whispers in my head all the time. I sold Finder, my publisher already wants to see the sequel, and the story I didn't write still whispers.

  5. tracyworld Says:

    I'm glad you and your older son had those nice moments together. My younger used to withhold his attention at times, and it was painful.
    I don't think anyone can tell you the best way to approach your projects because we're all so different. It does sound as if the voices are speaking to you, wanting your attention. Maybe try to follow the voices for a bit and if it doesn't feel right, you can shift directions.
    Ultimately, for me, I think there's no wrong answer as long as I'm writing something.

  6. robinellen Says:

    So glad your son is coming around :) Sorry about the flood, though!

  7. Yes between light and shadow is my first book. And when I started writing it I already had the plotline of the other 2 sequels.
    And as you say it if between light and shadow never gets picked up only 3 people will read it;(
    But you have right here one reader ansious for the Diyari chronicles to see the light. I think by what you have shared is a very good story!

  8. Yes happy with him coming back, he still prefers his daddy but at least he is closer.
    The problem is I feel a lot for both stories. I really believe in BLAS and th eother story is not really constructed in my mind so I an going to write the sequel and then write the new book.
    I think this decisition is better because I am going to be in the middle of the translation while writing so I will be in the same project.

  9. Yes in very painful when the kids do things like this although I understand him.
    What I had decided I that I am going to write the sequel and in a notebook when this voices in my head say something I really like take notes for later.

  10. Yes I am very happy!! Fortunately i already cleaned all the house and know it is like it was before! I was very anxious with this because my older son is allergic to humidity.

  11. tracyworld Says:

    That sounds like the perfect solution. :)

  12. writerjenn Says:

    Glad your house is dry once more!
    I've been thinking about your language situation, and I have a suggestion, which you are free to ignore.
    Rather than writing in Spanish and having someone else translate it, I would suggest you write in English and then, if you think you need professional help with the translation issues, work with an English-speaking freelance editor to polish it.
    The reason is that a translator can give you a literal translation of your words, but may not capture your voice and rhythm, the subtlety of your word choices. If you want to sell an English-language manuscript, I think it's best if the English words are as close to your natural voice as possible.
    But I may not know what I'm talking about, so as I said, feel free to ignore me if this advice would not work for you.

  13. Thank you very much for taking the time for giving me this advice!
    I have been thinking a lot about this as i posted today in my journal and I came to the resolution that maybe I should translate it by myself and the sequel write it in english.
    I don´t know exactly what a freelance editor can do, if he corrects grammatical issues or any issue related with the text. But I will research because is a great option to make it that way.
    I am afraid I can´t make it but I must try!
    Thank you very much again for taking time of thinking about my problem and giving me your advice.

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