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Yes, I finally found my novel ELYS is a new adult novel! Uf it was hard to find this category!

I found this new category by accident. It turns out that these days I'm doing research on query letters to start mine and I signed up for the blog
query shark. It is really excellent! she critiques query letters and says what is wrong or right so it helps a lot with the examples.

Well, a girl sent a query as Young adult with a protagonist who goes to college and she said there is a new legitimate category know as new adult whose age range was 18 to 22.

Then I gave myself the task of investigating what was this category of new adult and found that indeed is that age range and speaks of everything that happens to a young character of that age, college, first job, first house, marriage, etc. . Also can cover all the other subcategories that have the YA, paranormal, fantasy, romance, etc.

Apparently we should thank St. Martin's Press that  last year I believe created  this new category and launched a contest for manuscripts that should adhere to these criteria.

Here is the link of a girl who talks about
what´s new adult?

I personally believe that this opens a new window for the writers to create characters that are a little more mature than teenagers, but to which similar things can happen too. It also gives the opportunity to write about characters that affront different things than a YA. So you have two possibilities in a market that was just created. Although in my personal view there already were books of this type but lost in the classification of adult fiction.

So ELYS is a new adult paranormal romance!!

I feel relieved!



 Si, por fin lo encontré mi novela ELYS es una novela para nuevos adultos! Uf lo que me ha costado encontrar está categoría.

Está nueva categoría la encontré de casualidad. Resulta que estos días estoy investigando sobre las query letters para empezar la mía y para eso me inscribí al blog de query shark. De verdad es excelente hace una crítica de query letters y dice porque están mal o bien así que ayuda mucho con los ejemplos.

Pues bien una chica mando una query como Young adult con una protagonista que va a la universidad y ella le dijo que había una legitima nueva categoría que se llamaba nuevo adulto que iba del rango de edad de 18 a 22.

Entonces me di a la tarea de investigar que era esta categoría de nuevo adulto y encontré que efectivamente es ese rango de edad y habla de todo lo que le sucede a un joven de esa edad, universidad, primer trabajo, primera casa, matrimonio, etc. Además que puede cubrir todo el resto de subcategorías que tiene el YA o sea paranormal, fantasía, romance, etc.

Al parecer hay que agradecerle a la editorial St. Martin’s Press que el año pasado creo que está nueva categoría y lanzó un concurso para manuscritos que se atuvieran a estos criterios.

Aquí les dejo el link de una chica que habla sobre que es new adult?

Yo personalmente creo que esto abre una nueva ventana a los escritores de crear personajes que sean un poco más maduros que los adolescentes pero a los cuales les pueden suceder cosas parecidas. También da la oportunidad de escribir sobre personajes que le suceden cosas distintas que a un YA y que actúa con mayor madurez. O sea que tienes las dos posibilidades en un mercado que se acaba de crear. Aunque a mi modo de ver personal ya habían libros de este tipo pero perdidos en la clasificación de ficción de adultos.

Así que si ELYS es nuevo adulto romance paranormal!!!!



Me siento aliviada!

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8 Responses
  1. Yay I'm so glad you found your category!

  2. Thank you very much, I am glad too! I spent a lot of time in this.

  3. bogwitch64 Says:


    (Heheheee! I got my sparkles back!)
    I didn't know there was such a category. Good luck with your query!

  4. I love your sparkles it makes more yours your comments.
    I didn´t neither but as I see St. Martin Press iniciated it and now agents and publishers are adding it as a legitimate category.
    So I am very happy!

  5. ghostlychaos Says:

    Wow, this is actually really awesome. Personally, I had always considered Teen for books for teenagers while Young Adult should mean those who have graduated high school, are in college, or starting their young lives. But you know, I'm okay with there being a New Adult category. I think we probably needed it. Because that age range of 18 to 22 is really when people do a lot of growing up, so it's a great time for character development. It's good you've found a proper genre name for your book. :D

  6. I think the same way. Young adults as the name says is younger adults not teenagers so I also thought it as people in college , etc but I am glad there is this new category!
    Yes is very good now I can correctly query with it!

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