Anabel González

We had a perfect day yesterday!! We celebrated the second brithday of my baby Alejandro.It was a simple party, we had lunch in home with my parents and my best friend, but we had a great time. I don´t know when he went from this:

To this:

Years pass quickly and I am trying to get everything I can from my children, every kiss, every smile, every hug. Because they are borrowed and some day they will fly away.

It also was a great day because I got the first picture of my father smiling, he doesn´t smiles much, only with his grandchildren. But I got a photo to remember his smile!

I am going well with the translation or so I think. I go slow but I feel good. Although sometimes I think I'll go crazy if I check another dictionary!!

So how are you?

Happy day!!!
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  1. tracyworld Says:

    Alejandro es muy guapo. Los ojos azules!
    Feliz cumpleanos, a ti y Alejandro!

  2. THANK YOU!! very good spanish!
    Muchas gracias!

  3. bogwitch64 Says:

    Look at those blue, blue eyes! Beautiful boy.

  4. thank you , what can I say for me he will always be beautiful!!

  5. tracy_d74 Says:

    Feliz cumpleanos a ti, Alejandor. Los ojos ... *sighs*

  6. robinellen Says:

    Yay for smiles :)
    Your son has amazing eyes!

  7. jeniwrites Says:

    Happy birthday to Alejandro! He has such beautiful eyes. Hope you enjoyed every moment of his birthday!

  8. thank you very much!
    Yes I enjoyed every moment and took a photo :)

  9. Yes, I love smiles!
    Thank you!!

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