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Yesterday we went to see HP7 and it was awesome!!! For me it was the movie that was closest to the book. And all the images were as I imagined them on the book!

I am not going to tell here what I don´t like because  I will spoil it to the ones who haven´t see it but
[info]tracy_d74  know we can comment!! YEY!

After the movie we went to my parents house to pick up the kids. There I found my mother in the floor playing with the baby taking him in her back, it was funny . She has a lot of energy she became grandmother with 42 years so he wants and likes to do that things with them. Then I went to the kitchen and found Carlitos constructing a house with his great- grand mother. They were laughing and arguing as if both of them were 5 year old and not a woman of 82. I was so thankful that carlitos got to live this, that he will remember playing with his great- grand mother that i almost cry. I'm very emotional!

I am trying to find a good writers on line program. Do you know of one that you can recommend?

Well I'm going to go back to revision in spanish and translating to english. Thanks to the great
[info]tracy_d74 that is giving me the best suggestions and critique know I now a lot of things I have to improve in both languages so to work I go!!!

Have a great day!!

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  1. robinellen Says:

    I'm so glad you liked the movie :)

  2. Yes, it was just like you said. Very close to the book!!

  3. bogwitch64 Says:

    My kids were lucky enough to have all their grandparents AND their great grandparents. They were only missing one great grandmother and one grandmother. The last of them died only two years ago. It was wonderful that they got to know and love all of them.

  4. Oh my god it spells great-grandmother!! I´m going to edit the entry know I know something new!!!
    My kids have his four grandparents and 3 great grandparents. but four of them are in spain so they don´t see them enough

  5. bogwitch64 Says:

    I like gran grandmother! :)

  6. tracy_d74 Says:

    YAY! I'm so glad you liked it. I thought it was close to the book. They left things out...but it still stuck with the plot. I can tell you the scenes I liked: the multiple Potters. SOOO funny. The dancing scene. The Dobby and Kreacher scene. Oh! Teh scene with Severus and the school teacher, "we're friends Severus." Most of the beginning scenes were powerful and sad. I jumped several times in the movie. I was on the edge of my seat. It was sooo funny, at one point I said, "What's going to happen?" I laughed. I mean, I KNOW what is going to happen.
    Have fun with the revisions. I am about to work on a few pages of Diyari. Revisions just never stop.

  7. Yeah they stuck with the plot but for me it was very important to explain how harry felt about Dumbledore. The only one who expressed his feelings about Dumbledore was Ron. And that was important. But is the only thing I can say I really missed, the photography was great!!!
    I almost cried in the last scene of Dobby!!(I cried in the book)and the scene of Severus and the teacher, the actor doing Snape was great!! And what I can say about Voldemort he is just like the book!!
    Yeah revisions never stop and there´s always place to improve!! Have fun you too!

  8. tracy_d74 Says:

    Yes, I really missed the Dumblerdore piece. Harry was VERY mad with him in the book and that is not present. In fact, you don't learn much of anything about Dumbledore, which there is SOO much backstory about him in the book. I love learning about characters. I got teary during the Dobby scene. So sad. That Bellatrix. She is a demon that one. Voldermort...SCARY. VERY Scary.

  9. Yes THe thing I remember most is Harry being angry and researching about the past of Dumbledore. They didn´t explain us why he has the wand, how he got it. Maybe they are going to explain all that in the next one but there is a lot to tell already...
    I also love learning about characters!!
    I hate Bellatrix!! she is really crazy!

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