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Yesterday was a day full of things to do in home and also full of drama. Carlitos is getting aggressive again, it happens every once in a while. The therapist says it is a circle so this is going to happen again and again until he understands that he can´t react that way and can control the impulsiveness of his TDA. After this aggressive moment he was crying and crying because he knew he can´t do that but he can´t control it. I felt my heart ache with every tear because I know this is something he has to learn in other to control his TDA without medicine but is painful for him. The good news is he is learning!! His grades are better every month so that gives me hope that someday we will leave this behind.

Right now my therapy is translating. I focus on it the few hours or minutes that I have chance and I don´t think in anything else.

I´m going  better than I expected, right now I have 5 pages with the best translation-adaptation I can get. I´m hearing in the back of my mind that annoying voice that is telling me that although I think they are the best I can do maybe when I go back again when I finish all the novel I will find places to improve. But I´m not paying attention to the voice, now I have to focus in the whole translation!!

How are going your revisions,synopses,manuscripts?And the most important question: How are you of body and soul? I hope you all are feeling good.

Have a great day!! 

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  1. patesden Says:

    Dispite, the drama you sound like life is on the upswing :)
    I think my body and soul are fine, but I am going to build a fire in the woodstove to warm things up a bit.

  2. bogwitch64 Says:

    Children are impulsive. It is good you are teaching him to control his aggression without medication. My youngest was aggressive as a little one, but as he got older, he learned to "use his words" rather than his hands.

    to you for working so hard on your translation! Woohoo!

  3. tracy_d74 Says:

    (((hugs))) to you and Carlito. It can be so difficult for both parent and child.
    Things are moving along with MS. I will post a teasert on my Friday Five. I have 50 more pages. I will look at your pages Saturday. I read some of the Spanish version..I am rusty. But I get the gist. So hopefully that will help when I see the English.
    Off to start my CRAZY busy day.

  4. robinellen Says:

    (((HUGS))) Parenting is so rough sometimes! I'm glad he seems to be getting better.

  5. Overhere is also cold I am with a blanket and the laptop over my legs so it heats them:)

  6. But schools pressure a lot to medicate children with TDA. My advantage is that his doctor is very against using medicine so I he always send them a letter to let the child be and work. Over here they don´t want the extra work of trying to catch the attention of a kid so is hard but this year teacher is making all she can.
    Than you for the sparkles!! Now my journal sparkles too!!

  7. thak you for the hugs!:)
    Yeii I am going to read a bit of it!!!
    Adn you advanced a lot 50 pages ! wow!
    Thank you very much for reading the spanish version I felted like that when I started to read in english again.
    I think I will have more pages tomorrow. Do you want me to send them also or to wait until you finish the ones you have i think that are going to be max. 5 more.
    Good luck with the crazy day!!

  8. thak you!! yes it´s rough and also for me sometimes is like a war with everyone else involved. But i guess that is because of his TDA.

  9. tracy_d74 Says:

    let me read what i have and give you feedback, then we can go from there. sound good?

  10. Sounds perfect! yesterday I was thinking that maybe I must wait so I can improve the first pages and then continue with the others. And that way I can learn from my mistakes and don´t make them again in the next ones. You just confirmed it. We are in the same line of thought!! Thank you!!!!:)

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