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As you know I don´t have a lot of vocabulary in english so I decided that I must take note of words I like or use a lot in writing in spanish and also of words I read in books and don´t even know what they mean, so I will take note and search the meaning and put them in my new vocabulary notebook. I hope with it I can have more vocabulary when writing and translating!

Now my desk is full of notebooks and notes again! Well what can I do I need them, so it´s going to stay that way!

Today we celebrated my best friend-beta reader-editor birthday. I am very honored that she decided to have lunch with us in these day. The kids love her a lot. She is their aunt, I don´t have blood sisters but she is my soul sister. So we spent a nice time and I am happy I choose the correct present  for once!!! I took a lot of pictures and ate more cake than I should, but is what you do in birthdays have a good time and eat cake!

Right now I am going to continue the translation and take some pills for the headache it is giving me.

Have a nice night and a happy day!

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  1. robinellen Says:

    Sorry the translation is giving you a headache -- no fun! But I love that you're keeping notebooks of English words you use often. :)
    I have a very close friend whom my kiddos call 'auntie', as well. (I also have no sisters.)

  2. bogwitch64 Says:

    Notebooks. I LOVE notebooks. I have them everywhere, just waiting to be scribbled in.
    Happy birthday to your friend!

  3. I hope one day I don´t need the notebook because the words are in my head but till then I must search in the notebook!
    Is great to have soul sisters!

  4. I have a notebook for every idea that comes to my mind so if other ideas come on the same I can write it there. When I work on that idea the notebook is all full of post-its,notes,drawings, arrows. But I can´t throw them away, they are the soul of the story.

  5. tracy_d74 Says:

    Happy birthday to your friend. I get a daily email from I LOVE it. Today's word was ullage. As in, the whisky must have been good, based on the ullage left in the bottle. (small remainder of a substance or .....or something like that)

  6. patesden Says:

    I take notes when I read of all kinds of things. But mostly I like to see different way writers express things, so I can avoid using the same words over and over. Like alternate ways to say 'glanced'.

  7. bogwitch64 Says:

    The soul of the story. I love it!

  8. I suscribed to it is a great tip. Thank you!
    Today I found this on livejournal, they upload here one word a day the group name is 1word1day

  9. Oh that is also a good thing for taking notes too!

  10. In the same they have and option to subscribe to spanish word of the day, and they give you a word in spanish and its translation to english with examples.
    This is great!! You are great! thank you!

  11. tracy_d74 Says:

    OH!!! That is GREAT!

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