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The other day my husband told me that he firmly believed that any artist had periods of depression a writer, painter, sculptor, etc. That this made them more sensitive to the emotions conveyed in his works.

What I think in change is that perhaps that we are more sensitive to emotions and the facts that the rest, that’s why we can transmit them in a novel or a painting, it also makes us more prone to depression because we may feel deeper.

What is certain is that writing is a career filled with depression by the rejection, by frustration, for criticism and perhaps by being more sensitive that strikes us most.

And this brings me to writing buddies, these great friends who support you, help you out of depression and make you write again. They never criticize you with the intention to hurt you but with the hope to make you do it better and they know how to say things because they know how it feels.

The writing buddies are therefore for my taste invaluable and absolutely necessary for a writer because who will understand better depression or how you see the world as another person who sees it and lives it like? Or who could know how to cheer you up or talk to you as another being as sensible as you?

I know that sometimes we read that the writers are very sensitive and say is not true I'm very hard, but when one looks inside you realize you are not as hard as you thought, that things that touch you do not reach others, there is a difference.

Now I finish telling my writing buddy I miss her a lot! A year is a long time! We met online and started writing together and that was four years ago! On matters of life she went a bit away from this world. I miss you!

So never let go your writing buddies, they are a treasure and you never have enough so if you want a new writing partner I am here.





El otro día mi marido me decía que él creía firmemente que cualquier tipo de artista tenia periodos de depresión ya fuera escritor, pintor, escultor ,etc. Que eso los hacía más sensibles a las emociones que transmitían en sus obras.

Lo que yo pienso en cambio es que quizás los que creamos somos más sensibles a las emociones y a los hechos que el resto, de ahí que podamos transmitirlos en una novela o en una pintura, eso también nos hace más propensos a las depresiones quizás porque sentimos más profundo.

Lo que si es cierto es que ser escritor es una carrera llena de depresiones por los rechazos, por las frustraciones, por las críticas y quizás por ser más sensibles eso nos pega más.

Y todo esto me lleva los compañeros de escritura, si esos grandes amigos que te apoyan, te ayudan a salir de la depresión y te hacen volver a escribir. Que también te critican pero sabes que jamás lo hacen con el ánimo de lastimarte sino con el ánimo de que seas mejor y saben hacerlo con el tacto suficiente de saber lo que se siente.

Los compañeros de escritura son por lo tanto invaluables y para mi gusto completamente necesarios para un escritor por que quien va a entender mejor que tú la depresión o la forma en que ves el mundo que otra persona que lo ve y lo vive igual? O quien va a saber animarte o hablarte que otro ser tan sensible como tú?

Yo sé que a veces leemos que los escritores son muy sensibles y decimos no es cierto yo soy muy dura, pero cuando una se analiza por dentro se da cuenta que no es tan dura como pensaba que hay cosas que te tocan que no le llegan a los demás, ahí está la diferencia.

Ahora termino diciéndole a mi compañera de escritura que la extraño un montón! Un año es mucho tiempo! Nos conocimos en internet y empezamos a escribir juntas de eso hace ya cuatro años! Por cuestiones de la vida anda un poco alejada de este mundo. Te extraño!!

Por eso nunca dejen ir a sus compañeros de escritura, son un tesoro y uno nunca tiene suficientes así que si quieren una nueva compañera de escritura aquí me tienen.

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7 Responses
  1. tracy_d74 Says:

    I do think artist see the world differently, and experience emotions differently. Research shows that people with depression often see reality more clearly (but of course it has too much of a negative spin to it).

  2. robinellen Says:

    I agree -- for any creative pursuit, having others with similar interests makes so much difference :)

  3. ghostlychaos Says:

    I think you're definitely right. In most recent history, I believe the people who suffered the most from depression were artists. We are more sensitive to emotions, not only the bright, happy feelings, but also the dark, damaging feelings as well. But if we didn't have this sensitivity, we wouldn't be good artists. We wouldn't be able to reach out and touch another human soul through our work.
    And I sincerely believe that every artist needs friends who are also artists. It can be difficult to find the necessary support from people who don't understand what an artist goes through to create art. Especially with writers who completely throw themselves into these people who are utterly real and these stories that feel like they could happen at any moment. Writers need other writer friends for support and constructive criticism so our art can grow and flourish. We should always cherish the people around us, but especially our friends.

  4. Yes it has very a negative side!

  5. It makes a great difference! to have someone by your side always makes you happier.

  6. Yes is important to have other writers around us. I have friends that doensn´t write and don´t understand all the proccess a writer goes through. Or why we are always on the moon or in the planet of our characters...

  7. writerjenn Says:

    It is a great blessing to have writer friends who know what all this is like!

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