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Today I am tired and nervous! Several days ago I sent my completed novel to some friends to see what they thought without telling them that was mine.

Now I'm nervously waiting for the answer, thinking that possibly I could have done something better and that maybe I should not try to publish it.

I suppose they are common insecurities as a writer but now I see everything black and with my little baby sick and with no sleep everything looks worse.

Have you been through this when sharing your book for opinions?

Hoy estoy cansada y nerviosa! Hace varios días que mandé a varios conocidos my novela terminada a ver que opinaban sin decirles que era mia claro está.

Ahora estoy nerviosa esperando la respuesta, pensando que posiblemente pude haber hecho algo muchísimo mejor y que quizas no debería intentar publicarla.

Supongo que son inseguridades comunes de escritor pero ahora todo lo veo negro y con mi pequeño bebé enfermo y sin dormir todo se ve mas negro.

Les ha pasado que cuando pasan su libro para ver opiniones se ponen mas inseguras sobre su libro?

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  1. writerjenn Says:

    Yes. And it's important to remember they may not even have had a chance to read it yet. For us, the book is everything, but the people who will read it have to fit it into their busy lives. :-)

  2. You are so right!! I am nervous expecting commentaries just in days and maybe they didn't even started!

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