Anabel González

Today was a terrible day, crazy, fast and stressful. Not to mention that I slept only two hours thanks to my beloved young son. Luckily my husband stayed two extra hours at home today so I slept.
Which although I deeply appreciate, I still have these circles under my eyes , so I look like a  raccoon because of  4 hours of sleep! Also after that I had to be running all morning, the supermarket, clothing, baby nap, preparing food for my eldest son and etc etc.
Uff I could just sit which causes that in the duration of the nap of the small and large comes from school I will not have enough time to investigate for the second part of my novel. Buaaaa
I hope to have more time at night!
Have a great day!

Hoy ha sido un día terrblemente loco, rápido y estresante. Eso sin contar que dorm´r sólo dos horas gracias a mi adorado hijo pequeño. Por suerte mi marido se quedó dos horas extras hoy en cas apara que yo durmiera.
Lo cual agradezco infinitamente aunque sigo pareciendo mapache con estas ojeras de 4 horas de sueño! Además después de eso tuve que estar corriendo toda la mañana, el super, la ropa, la siesta del peque, preparar la comida de mi hijo mayor y etc etc .
Uff apenas he podido sentarme lo cual ocasiona que ne el tiempo que dura la siesta del peque y llega el grande de la escuela no voy a tener el suficiente tiempo para investigar para la segunda parte de mi novela. Buaaaa
Espero en la noche tener mas tiempo!!
Que tengan un excelente día!

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  1. Busy busy..
    I hope things get better for you.
    It's good your husband stayed home longer that way you got some rest.
    What is your novel about if you dont mind me asking?
    If you do i completely understand!! :)

  2. I don´t mind!! I trhink it could be a YA romantic and paranormal.
    Is about a girl that is between good and bad literally , angels and demons. It has a lot of mysteries till the end. She can travel astraly so i am investigating about that

  3. that sounds very interesting.
    id love to read what u got one day.

  4. i am getting it translated right now. It is written in spanish.But when I have some pages I will share them with you.

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