Anabel González

I have long been looking for a critical group in either Spanish or English but is very difficult. I could not find a group open to new people.
I searched in English as well since I read English very well and I think I can make constructive criticism and my book is being translated so in the moment I have it I could share it too.
I think a critical group is very important for writers to improve their manuscript, so far I have only a couple of wonderful friends who have read it in Spanish and gave me excellent reviews to improve my book.
You have groups of critics? Did you struggled to find one?

Hace tiempo que estoy buscando un grupo de críticos ya sea en español o inglés pero es algo muy difícil. No he podido encontrar un grupo abierto a gente nueva.

He buscado en Ingles también puesto que leo bien el inglés y creo que puedo hacer críticas constructivas y mi libro está siendo traducido así que en el momento que lo tenga lo podría aportar también.

Creo que un grupo de críticas es muy importante para un escritor para poder mejorar su manuscrito, por ahora solo tengo un par de amigas maravillosas que lo han leído en español y han hecho excelentes críticas para mejorar mi libro.

Ustedes tienen grupos de críticos? Les ha costado encontrar uno?


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  1. patesden Says:

    I've slowing gathered a few critique partners mostly from online classes I've taken.
    Verla Kay's blueboards have a place you can post and say you are looking for critique groups or partners. Honestly, I think there would be people who would love to do English and Spanish.
    Also SCBWI has groups, but you have to pay to join.
    I'm assuming you write either middle grade or young adult, but I'm now thinking I could be wrong.

  2. Thank you very much for your help.
    Right now I am thinking whether my book is YA or adult but I guess it can fit both so I am going to search the pages you gave me!

  3. d_michiko_f Says:

    Are you a member of The Society of Children's Writers and Illustrators? (That is, if you write children's books.) They are an excellent resource - and I've met all my trusted crit partners through SCBWI events. Good luck!

  4. In this childrens society they accept also YA writters?
    I am going to look their site.
    Thank you very much

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