Anabel González

Watching the news of Chile I finally saw the time it left the first mining.
The timing of the rescue capsule and the camera went to the son of mine will be forever in my memory.
This child's face, his tears of happiness. His face said it all. It made me feel his emotion and cry with him.
At that moment I thought that if I ever write a scene that express a feeling  so well and make the reader feel me, with the character, then I will have achieved something great. Because it is very difficult to reflect an emotion in others and even worse when you read it.
Have you seen what just happened in Chile?
Ever read something that made you feel the same the characters lived and got to cry, laugh, etc?

Viendo las noticias de chile por fin vi el momento en que salió el primer minero.
El momento en que la capsula de rescate salió y la camara enfoco al hijo del minero quedará por siempre en mi memoria.
La cara the este niño , su llanto de felicidad. Su carita lo expresaba todo. Me hizo sentir su emocion y llore con el.
En ese momento pensé que si alguna vez con una escena escrita por mi consigo expresar un sentimiento tan bien y hacer que el lector lo sienta conmigo, con el personaje, en ese momento habré conseguido algo muy grande. Porque es muy dificil reflejar una emoción en otros y peor aun hacerlo cuando te leen.
Vieron lo de Chile?
Alguna vez leyeron algo que les hizo sentir lo mismo que los personajes y consiguió que llorara, rieran,etc?


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  1. I had the same reason. I started crying a little when the capsule first surfaced, but then I saw the little boy... And I was REALLY crying. A friend texted me saying she did the same thing, so I think people all over the world were crying once they saw that little boy!

  2. Yes my mother called me today and said the same thing! Tht little boy expressed more in his face than any other adult.

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