Anabel González

Hoy es un día dificil para mi en muchos aspectos personales. Lo que me hace preguntarme quizas debería inspirarme en personas de mi familia para crear una historia jajaja sería un super drama pero quizas funcionara y asu vez me desahogara mucho.
Jajaja no lo se divagaciones de mi mente....
Today is hard for me in many personal appearances. What makes me wonder maybe I should be inspired by my family to create a story,it would be a super drama lol but maybe it could work and I  assume it would relieve me a lot.
Haha I do not know, my mind's ramblings ....

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  1. I added you :)
    Sometimes family is the greatest inspiration;
    I think you should go for it and allow your family to inspire you.
    You wont regret it, it's kind of fun actually :D

  2. thank you for adding me!!
    The problem of using family is if you writte a villian out of thei defects and they read you then they will hate you LOL.
    But maybe I can use them to inspire only.

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