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Can you imagine it? Many times talking with my beta reader and dear friend Annette we talked about a machine that made our favorite characters real and today I thought about posting this.

But if you have the machine you have to choose which characters you would make real…

Well I will put here my answers, some of them are not logical but what can I do? I love them!!

The first William Albert Andrew or Albert from the manga of Candy Candy. Yes!! I grew up with this manga and anime, I loved it and I love this character. So mystical, so handsome. And he was the only one that knew Candy as she was; the only one that always appeared when she needed most. And his prince!! Oh yes I am crazy but he was so sweet and perfect that I would make him real!

Other one would be Chris from Flowers in the Attic, always positive, always seeing the best in people, pure and mature. Ahhhh!!

Hermoine Granger of course from Harry Potter, she is the best friend you can get although a little annoying sometimes. I like her very much.

Patch of Hush Hush, well he is HOT. Do you blame me?  and I were talking about this.

Which character would you like to put into this machine and make real? Why?

Well I am going to my day routine and see if I can take a nap because with my little monster I slept 3 hours.

Happy Tuesday!


¡Una máquina que haga a los personajes reales!

¿Lo pueden imaginar? Muchas veces halando con mi gran editora y amiga Annette hemos hablado de esta máquina que pudiera hacer nuestros personajes favoritos reales así que pensé en postear esto.

Pero si tienes una maquina tienes que elegir qué personajes hacer reales….


Bueno aquí pondré mis respuestas ¡no todas son lógicas, pero que puedo hacer me gustan!

El primero William Albert Andrew del manga Candy Candy ¡¡¡Si!! Crecí con este manga y anime, lo amaba y sobre todo amaba a este personaje. Tan místico, tan guapo. Además él era el único que conocía a Candy como era, el único que siempre aparecía cuando ella más lo necesitaba ¡Y era su príncipe! ¡Sí estoy loca pero era tan tierno y perfecto que lo haría real!

Otro sería Chris de flores en el ático. Siempre viendo lo mejor de la gente, siempre positivo, puro y maduro¡¡ Ahhh!!

Hermoine Granger de Harry Potter desde luego, La mejor amiga que puedes tener aunque a veces sea un poco cansina. Me gusta mucho.

Patch de Hush Hush, Bueno él es sexy ¿Me culpan?

¿Qué personaje les gustaría meter en está maquinita y hacerlo real? ¿Por qué?

Bueno me voy a mi rutina diaria y ver si puedo dormir una siesta que con mi pequeño monstruillo sólo dormí 3 horas.

¡¡Feliz Martes!!

7 Responses
  1. bogwitch64 Says:

    Who would I put into the machine? Hmmm...probably all of my characters from Finder; especially Ethen. But from another book? Humbert Humbert (Lolita)--not for long, only long enough to really SEE how delusional he was. Eowyn (Lord of the Rings) because she kicks ASS!

  2. I totally have read Finder!! Then I will tell you which characters from it I would make real!
    Oh Eowyn is a great character.
    By the way do you know when Finder will be available in kindle?

  3. bogwitch64 Says:

    I'm hoping Finder will be available on Kindle right away, November 12th is the official release date. I'm not sure though. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get it all set up on Kindle. I'll ask my publisher. If he has an answer, I'll pass it along!
    Thanks, lovey! That makes me feel so happy!

  4. Thak you very much anyway I will look in a few days in amazon if it is available for pre order for kindle , and if not I will check again in november 12th.
    I really want to read it!
    I am happy that you are happy! when people are happy they transmit it make others feel good!
    When you sale the latin american rights I will share with the people I know so they can read it too.

  5. bogwitch64 Says:

    You are so sweet! Thank you, darling! I can't wait to see what you think of it.

  6. tracy_d74 Says:

    I would put Ethen, from bogwitch's Finder. Alice from Twilight. Patch would be yummy to see in real life...or Daniel from Torment.

  7. I totally have to read Finder!! Alice is a great choice I dindn´t thought of twilight! (What was I thinking?) she is a great friend! And daniel from Torment Yummy!!!

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