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Yes, over here we are still in holidays. We still have to celebrate the Dia de Reyes on January 6. So the kids will go back to school next monday and will have extra present this thursday!

I plan to post something of the tradition of los reyes magos this week.

We started again the diet from january 2 to january 5 so we can lose a little weight before the rosca and hot chocolate of the dia de reyes. We are eating at my mother's home so I am not cooking. Finally!!

This vacation time I took a break or semi break of my translation. With carlos on vacations Alex doesn't want to take a nap and all my schedule goes through the window so I flow with them and what they want to do. We play a lot these days with the xbox and the kinect , certainly Carlos and I are making exercise. I feel pain in some muscles I didn't knew I had.

Actually I thought the xbox was going to be a game for carlitos to stay sit, but actually he burns a lot of energy with the sports game. And mommy loses a little weight  :p

I hope I can recover my schedule on Monday so I can move forward with my translation- revision.

How are you going with your manuscripts,revisions,queries,synopsis,etc?

Have a great Tuesday!!

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  1. olmue Says:

    Germany was like that--we had Nikolaustag (St. Nicholas Day, Dec 6), First and Second Christmas (Dec 25-26), as well as Drei Koenige (3 Kings). By the time it was all over, we'd had just about as much Christmas as we could stand! But we were ready to do it all over again the next year, of course. :D

  2. I think we are always ready to holidays and presents!!:p

  3. tracy_d74 Says:

    worked on one chapter of TC. I cute quite a bit. I hope I don't regret that in the morning. :)

  4. I'm doing a lot of sorting, (re)organizing, and brainstorming this week. Trying to get back into the groove again, you know?

  5. Wow! I couldn't imagine more holidays. It sounds like you're having fun though. As for my current novel yesterday was a good writing day for me. :-)

  6. jennygordon Says:

    Dia de Reyes has something to do with the 3 Kings, doesn't it (sorry, my Spanish is VERY poor!) We don't have a tradition around the 3 Kings here in the UK, so I look forward to reading about yours when you post about it.

  7. Yes I know. It is hard to get back!! Good luck!

  8. and there goes another chapter. I think you are moving closer to achive your goal of Tc revision this month. Yay!! I hope you haven't regret it!:)

  9. Yes it has to do with the 3 kings that went to see Jesus when he was born. I will show a little from the tradition this week.

  10. Yay for a good writing day!!
    Well we don't have thanksgiving so I think we exchanged it for los reyes magos1 jajaja. I love the holidays because the kids are happy.

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