Anabel González

1. Dia de reyes went really well, the kids liked the presents and we really had a good time in my parents house. My mom actually didn't say anything hurtfull to me...

2. I have to start my diet again tomorrow. I ate a lot of rosca, chocolate and roasted chestnuts. So if I want to continue losing weight I have to go back to my balanced way of eating. 10 pounds more to go.( that Tiramisu of Tracy has to wait *snif*)

3. This is the last weekend of the winter vacations of Carlitos so we are going to take him to a place he chooses, he haven't decided but I think is going to be fun.

4. I have to take out the Christmas decorations on Saturday and I hate it. When you put it on you don't mind the work because you want to see the three and want your house full of Christmas spirit. Besides everyone wants to cooperate but anyone wants to take them out!

5. I didn't move forward on the translation but I did in the revisions. I hope I can go back to my schedule of writing on Monday.

Have a great weekend! I am dying for some sleep!

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  1. tracy_d74 Says:

    YAY! I'm glad the holiday went well. I have to take down my decorations, too.
    The tirimisu isn't going anywhere. :)
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. My dead Christmas tree still sits in my living room. I should just do it myself because my husband is obviously waiting for some kind of sign from God before he removes it. Of course, I'm too lazy to do it...

  3. I hope not because I am certainly going to try it when I lose what I gained these holidays!
    Have a great weekend too!

  4. My christmas three is plastic so I have to fold it and put in a box and take it to the place I store it. I don't want to!! Oh and I have to pack correctly the decorations while my husband says well that can wait we are tired of the holidays BAH!

  5. veijukka Says:

    You know...I couldn't get help either putting up or taking down decorations this year. Everybody, even the kids, are just too busy for that kind of thing these days. Who wants to dig out all kinds of dusty ornaments when there's computers to play with! It made me kind of sad, because it's one of my favorite things about the holidays.

  6. I guess that when the kids get older they will not want to help for now they are excited about the holidays and the help to put them on. But taking them out is another thing...
    You will see that with the years they will see why you like that and would like to share it with you.:)

  7. Sounds like you've been really busy, so I hope you get the chance to catch up on some sleep. :)

  8. Thank you , I certainly need sleep!

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