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I know I haven't posted these days and I wanted to share with all of you what happened to me.

Well first Alex still doesn't sleep so I'm very, very tired. I called the doctor and told him that we tried everything and that he doesn't gets well. So he sent him new analysis for his reflux and we found out that his reflux was worse when we thought it was getting better. He stopped to through up so we thought he was better and gave him normal formula. But the burn continued inside, he even has his esofagus sore. We went back to the soy milk and medicines. I felt so bad , my poor baby having so much pain and I thought he was teething or he wasn't able to sleep alone.

I was tired mentally and physically , I wasn't able to write, translate or revise. I needed a rest so I did. I spent my free time reading and relaxing.

I think also depression wanted to hit me, thank god I take anti depressive pills if not my family would be miserable. I inherited it.

Anyway that made me not want to share my problems I usually don't speak when I'm depressed . Now I feel better or at least I think so.

We have to give Alex a month with this treatment to see how it works and I rested a little this weekend.

I am joining an online writing class and I am excited. I wanted to do this since I started writing and now that Alex will be in day care a few hours till summer I have to take advantage of the time.

I am rying to get back to my routine of revising-translating. It is hard , is like when you stop doing exercise for a few days and you can't start over agian the only thing you want is sit on the couch. Well I am in that stage but I am trying to start again, to do a few pages a day.

I think I rambled a lot in this post, I hope I didn't bored you!
Happy day!

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  1. tracy_d74 Says:

    I can be your accountability stop. You can work on one page a day and send it to me. I won't give feedback or anything, other than..."Good work, keep it coming."
    It helped me last week. There would have been two (or three) days I would have written NOTHING had I not had someone to check in with. But if you're too exhausted, take a break. I had to a couple of weeks ago. I simply could not string together words and every time I thought about writing I had a panick attack. Not good.

  2. olmue Says:

    Sending tons of sympathy regarding the reflux. Three of my kids had it. One was medicated so he wouldn't starve to death (he is still rather small), one was just messy, and one had the silent reflux like you described, and that was horrible! He spent nearly the first year just screaming all the time. He didn't sleep (er, well, he still doesn't sleep, and he's 2), he was never relaxed, and he was always, always fussy. It gets better--hang in there! (But I'm glad your doctor is on board with treatment--I wish all of our pediatricians had been supportive and taken it seriously.)

  3. jennygordon Says:

    *Hugs*. I hope life starts being kinder to you soon.

  4. lefalcone Says:

    I hope your son gets better real soon. Poor thing.

  5. bogwitch64 Says:

    Oh, darling little Alex. My younger son (he's 20 now) has always suffered from esophagitis. We didn't know about it until he was 14. Sometimes, his little esophagus would get so swollen he couldn't swallow food and it would get stuck, then it would spasm and we'd have to take him to the hospital and have them flush it out. It's good that you have a wonderful pediatrician who not only recognized the problem, but put Alex on a proper course of nutrition and meds. Don't beat yourself up, lovey. You're not a doctor. You couldn't have known.
    I'm so glad to hear you're excited about your writing class! It's not just a place to learn things, you'll get to talk to other writers, and just IMMERSE yourself in all things writing. Yay!

  6. tracyworld Says:

    Oh, that's so much to deal with. It's hard when our little ones are in pain and we don't know it and/or don't know how to help. No wonder you're exhausted.
    Take care of yourself and your little guy. Your project will be there when you're ready; there's no shame in letting it sit while you get your strength back again.
    Sending you good thoughts, Anabel...

  7. Thank you so much for being there Tracy. This week I have a lot of homework to do for the class. But next week I will certainly appreciate if you could be my accountability stop.

  8. thank you so much for being there Tracy.This week I have a lot of homework for the class but next week I will appreciate a lot if you could be my accountability stop.:)

  9. My other son also had reflux until 3 but he showed it up by trowing up. Alex is 2 and we hope that the reflux goes away also when he is 3. I am crossing my fingers. I am with you with the no sleeping 2 years-old.
    This pediatrician was the only one that really helped with my first son, he asphyxiated with just a month because of the reflux and no one gave me an answer he with only one look new what carlos had and found he was allergic to cow protein in milk components and that caused the reflux. Alex had the same problem. Good doctors are ky for this.

  10. Thank you Terri. My husband always tells me I can't know everything, I'm not a doctor but anyway I want to now everything. I'm a little obsessive. Thank God for my pediatrician, he even calls every day to check how alex goes qith the treatment and take notes!
    Oh I am very excited with the writing class, let's se how it goes!!

  11. tracy_d74 Says:

    homework for a writing class....i love to hear that. :)
    you're welcome

  12. I'm nervous but excited with the homework. Yei!!

  13. kbaccellia Says:

    Cyber hugs. Could it be the soy? I know my doctor told me soy can cause gas. It does for me if I eat a tad bit too much.
    Sending positive vibes and thoughts your way.

  14. No, they changed him to soy formula now because he is allergic to the cow protein that is in milk.
    Thank you for the hugs and good thoughts!

  15. jeniwrites Says:

    I wish you much rest, for yourself and for Alex, and happier days soon. My nephew has acid reflux, so I especially feel for the two of you, and hope the doctors find the treatment that will help him most very soon. I'm excited for you about the online writing class, too. Many hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  16. veijukka Says:

    Oooph...boy, I hope things start getting cheerier for you soon and that Alex feels better soon!

  17. writerjenn Says:

    It's so hard to know how to help children when they can't tell you exactly what's wrong. Sounds like things are getting better now. :-)

  18. It would be great if someone could make a device that can translate babies cries so we can know what hurts!
    Yes slowly but getting better, we are in the correct path!

  19. shoebrera Says:

    You poor darling! {{{hugs}}}
    I developed a reflux condition because I stayed on one medication too long (three years instead of three months). I know from personal experience how Alex feels, the poor little guy. I will try to explain it to you. If you don't need this, just skip the next paragraph.
    At the top of your stomach, the bottom of your esophagus (where the soft spot is) is a firey burn. You'd swear it's on fire. High up, it feels like someone used a grater inside you. Any food and sometimes even water is torture to swallow. And that's once you get it past your upper throat. And there's even more than that. I'm just trying to give Alex words so Mommy can better understand. But he is responding and he WILL get better. Believe it. I'm sorry you don't pray. I'll say one now for both of you.
    Mommy's aren't perfect. There it is, plain and simple. Mommy's are human. You need human rest and human "time away" from such a huge problem. It's good that you did that. Really. Very good. Don't apologize. You earned it; you deserve it. Okay?
    Don't beat yourself up. Here's a lesson I learned from a witty person long, long ago. You don't "should" on other people. Don't "should" on yourself. Say it out loud. Just be sure you say it in English and that you say it slow. Otherwise, "should" will sound like something else. And that's the message. Don't Sh** on yourself either!
    Lots of love and good thoughts winging their way to you. Hang in there, Anabel. You're doing GREAT.
    I'm delighted about the writing course. Good for you! You can share what you learn here and it will be exciting. I just know it.
    Now, stop kicking yourself in the behind. You are not anatomically made to do that. That's why someone else can do it so much better. ;-)
    So stop and realize you're wonderful.

  20. Thank you for explaining me what you fill with the reflux, my father also has it and he always says that only a person who had it can understand his grandchildren.
    I pray, maybe I need a proof of God existence but I think that I he doesn't listen to me at least is a good way of sending positive enrgy to someone.
    I don't should in anyone! thank you i needed that!

  21. shoebrera Says:

    I hope I helped you understand. It's hard without being face-to-face. I wanted to give you some positive energy and positive feedback. Sounds like I may have succeeded. Thank you for not being angry that I tried to speak for little Alex.

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