Anabel González

And I don't like it! For the last two years I had this little baby by my side everywhere I went. Now I am alone and I miss him terribly

Let me explain to you. Alex today started day care. He is going there 3 hours a day. I didn't want to but my husband talk to me about he was going to start the official preschool next autumn and that he was going to be there almost six hours, that he needed to have a little time away from me, be with other children ( beside his brother) and be independent. I know he is right and I could certainly use the time to write. But I don't work and I could take care of him (that's what my guilty mind says).

Uff I hope with the days he likes the day care and I feel a little less guilty, although I know we both will be more happy having time apart. He doesn't sleep very well so we were together 24 hours a day.

Talking about other things i had to change the name of my book, between light and shadow existed already for many books, so I choose glowing shadow. I thought the meaning of glowing was perfect for this story and no one has used it.

Well, since I am very nervous looking to the clock for the time I have to go to pick him up I know I wont be able to revise or translate so I am going to order my office. Right now the papers, bills, etc are everywhere and I feel like even my ideas can't flow with such a mess.

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. jeniwrites Says:

    It is hard, isn't it? My youngest was at home with her daddy for 7 months when he became unemployed. It tore at me to know that he was able to spend the whole day with her; it broke my heart to put her back in day care when he did get a job again, even though we badly needed the second income. But you know what? She ended up really enjoying playing with the other children. So I feel for you, and I pray that Alex will have a very positive experience from this, too.

  2. Thank you very much!
    I hope he really enjoys it!

  3. bogwitch64 Says:

    The time apart will be good for the both of you, Anabel. I know how hard it is to part with our babies! But he needs to socialize, and you now have three hours to WRITE!!! Take advantage of this time. Before long, he'll be home sick or it will be a vacation day and you'll say, "I miss my writing time!"
    If you like Glowing Shadow for your title, great. If you still like Light and Shadow better, don't change it because there are lots of other books by that name. Look up "Finder" on Amazon. There's something like a dozen books by that name! It doesn't matter, really.

  4. robinellen Says:

    It's funny how that tug-of-war happens in our minds. I was so thrilled when E finally started Kindergarten, but then, when we had the chance to put her in full day, I wanted two afternoons back a week (which we had the option to do, thankfully) -- and I really enjoyed that extra time with her. Sometimes I wish I could still steal a couple of hours for that :)

  5. musingaloud Says:

    I watched my oldest grandson 3 1/2 days a week (really, it was four because I had him in the morning and then had to pick him up for a couple hours in late afternoon) from the time he was 3 months until he turned 3, when he started a day care, and now I only have him 1 day. It was hard on me at first. But now I'm really happy about it. It was getting a little much for me. Of course, I'm only the grandma, but still, I understand how difficult it is at first. But don't feel guilty, he will benefit from going. As you will, too.

  6. I know the time apart will be good for both of us. He went out of the building like he had a great time, I hope it continues like that. And I will take advantage of this time, vacations are too soon!
    Oh I thought it had to be a name never used. Thank you very much! Now I have to think which I like better.

  7. I know!
    They could have him all day but I didn't wanted that. I wanted both of us to have time apart but I also want to be with my baby now that I have the chance.:)

  8. Yes it si difficult. I guess that both of us have to habituate to he new routine and to be apart. Thank you!

  9. mongrelheart Says:

    Aww :) But I'm sure your baby will be happy & make lots of friends there!
    I like your title. Glowing Shadow has a nice sound.

  10. Thnak you for the support. Yes I think the new name has a nice sound and more meaning!

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