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I wasn't sure if I would post anything before new year. Right now I'm mad with life but most of all with my mother. But what can I do she is my mother and I love her even when she says things that hurt without even noticing it. I will never be the perfect daughter in her eyes no matter how much effort  I put. But as I said I will always love her so I must calm down and go on. I will not pay attention to her words anymore (or so I hope)

I haven't translated anything but I do revised. I didn't have time because I am the cook for the holidays so with the kitchen and the kids on vacation I don't have free time.

I hope your holidays aren't as painful as mine!

By the way the tarta de santiago (cake) was perfect I will post the recipe in January.

I  hope I can come back with a happy post to wish you a wonderful new year.

PS: Sorry for talking about the things that got me angry but I had to write of it to take it out of my yistem.

Have a great day!!

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  1. robinellen Says:

    (((HUGS))) I hope in this new year you'll find ways to withstand your mom!

  2. olmue Says:

    Families can be complicated, especially at high stress times like holidays when people have high expectations. (Unfortunately, those expectations don't always mesh with other people's.) I hope things get better in the new year!

  3. tracy_d74 Says:

    Don't apologize. I think everyone on my flist has vented about their life at some point.
    Your mother and my father may be cut from the same cloth. I learned to 1) breathe, 2) remember he is the way he is because of his own upbringing that was not stellar 3) check my actions--am I really being the best version of me. if so, his opinion does not matter 4) allow my self to feel some of the pain and then remember i have people who love me just the way i am. period.

  4. bogwitch64 Says:

    Ah, the well-meant barbs parents flick on our skins. It seems a universal thing--and yet I would NEVER believe I could do the same to MY kids--but do I?? I bet they'd say yes.
    You are wonderful in too many ways for you to EVER take anything your mama says to heart.

  5. Yes the combination of holidays and families is complicated! Thank you!:)

  6. I apologize because I don't like to talk of sad or bad things, well maybe is that I don't like to talk of what makes me feel like that. But now I feel relieved.
    That's a great tip. Thank you. I know she is like that because her mother is like that and I am really trying hard to not be that way with my children.
    I am the best I can be!!

  7. I try not take it bad but believe me sometimes is really hard. I hope I would never do that to my kids but it is in my genes, my grandmother is like that also...
    Thank you Terri!

  8. shoebrera Says:

    Your blog is the perfect place to let go. If something is inside you, hurting you, it's time to get rid of it. This venue is perfect for doing just that.
    "I love you, but that hurt" may or may not work. Bogwitch has an excellent answer, as does tracy_d.
    Writers are probably more in tune with their feelings than most others. Those emotions are needed in order to get the story down on paper. That makes this a good thing. But you've seen when it's a bad thing.
    You are a sweet, polite, loving young woman. Don't let anyone try to take that away from you. Be you, the best you that you can be. That's all that's needed. Be true to yourself.

  9. I also believe we as writers are more in tune with our feelings than others, maybe that's why somethings hurt more. But I will never change that, i Like to feel as I like to write.
    Thank you very much! I will try to be always true to myself!:)

  10. patesden Says:

    *hugs* and I hope your New Years is quiet and peaceful :)

  11. Thank you! i am crossing my fingers!:)

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