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Today was a crazy day! But I already told you that in the title of this post.

Carlos had his christmas festival and as always I was afraid he will not want to appear in public. But he did and did it well. His group sang the posada song that is very traditional here. I don't have to say that my face was covered with tears...

Also today I was able to see Carlos interact with his teachers. He has two, half of the classes with the english teacher and the other half with the spanish teacher. I saw him with the english teacher and she was very close to him. Always touching his shoulder or his head, making him feel comfortable about perfoming. The spanish teacher is older but makes all she can to make him learn and he is one of the best students she has.

So as you can see I walked out of the school as if I were walking on clouds, so happy, so proud and so calm. My son is going to be fine, even with his TDA. It seems that finally we are finding a way to be better parents, and now he has caring and hard working teachers. This is so important for him and his selfsteam!!

Then I arrived home and sat to write, always when I write I have my msn open although as occupied. Why? well because while I write I often talk with my best friend. Actually it can't be named a talk, we sporadiccaly say to one another " how do you say this in english?" " Which word you will use on this email?" " are you ok?" I know it is strange but we don't see ach other very much and that keep us connected. It also keeps me connected with the rest of the world when I'm not writing. Know going to the problem, I sat to write and realized by a bunch of emails my msn account was hacked. Why in the world could someone want to hack my account? I don't know but apparently it occurs often. After a bunch of emails my account is back and I am happy again.

In my translation- revision I think I can finally finish translating the first chapter this friday. Revising it and making it perfect I guess will take me longer but I think I did the best I could for now. You don't know how thankful I am with tracy for coaching me and seeing what I don't!! Even if I make the most silly mistakes and the words I choose in english sometimes are strange and bad, she corrects me and teaches me. So again thank you
[info]tracy_d74 you are a great coach and I want to shout to the world how grate you are for doing this for a person you know for a few time!! You are a dear friend!

Also I want to thank you all for your support and help in this translation procces!

As you can see I am emotional today. But I have learned that I must always say what I feel and always say thank you.

Now I am going to bed, maybe I will sleep something this night!!

Have a perfect day!

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11 Responses
  1. tracy_d74 Says:

    Oh. My. Word. I wanted to cry. Thank you! Thank you for the kind words and thank you for trusting me with your story.
    (I am still blown away that you are translated your story. English is a HARD anguage. There can be ten words that mean the same thing, but in different degrees or a slightly different connotation. Shucks, I don't even understand it half the time.)

  2. tracy_d74 Says:

    OH! I almost forgot....Whooooohoooo! for Carlos and his parents.

  3. patesden Says:

    I'm glad the Christmas Festival went well for Carlos.
    And yay! for finding a partner to help you with your story. I have zero ability for foreign languages, so I totally admire your ability to translate.

  4. bogwitch64 Says:

    Tracy is the best, isn't she?
    So glad you're enjoying work on your translation! That's so important--liking what you do.

  5. jengt Says:

    It sounds like that festival was wonderful.
    Also, I am still so amazed that you're translating your work into English from your native language. That's so impressive. :)

  6. robinellen Says:

    How wonderful to have a proud and accomplished day :)

  7. Oh please don't cry! All i said is true.
    Yeas I am learning that as in spanish in english there could be a lot of words that mean the same thing but no exactly. I hope with the years I can have more vocabulary.

  8. Yes i'm very happy all went good for Carlos.
    Yes to have Tracy is the best help.
    I learned english( read and write) at the same time I learned spanish so I guess that helped me. I started learning it with 4 years.

  9. Tracy is MORE than the best!
    It is hard but I'm feeling accomplished and that's great!
    Thank you for the sparkling wohoo for carlos.

  10. Yes it was!!
    Online the hacking thing was bad but it was a minor thing!:)

  11. Yes it was a perfect festival for the kids!
    Now i'm blushing. I had lost a lot of english through the years so now is hard for me to translate but I hope with the practice I get better and quicker.

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