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I'm having a great day!! Yesterday I talked with Carlos teacher and she told me that he was behaving better and his attention also was better. He already reads and writes in spanish and english ( he is 5 years old). I am so proud o f him ,even with his TDA he has the best grades!

In my revision- translating process I have done in this week 5 pages, yesterday I did 3 of them. I can't believe it! 3 pages in 3 hours is a lot for me. I also learned a few new words, I hope they are still used.

My best friend right now is babylon. A program were you can add dictionaries of any language. It is very handy I recommend it.

Finally I have to put this quote because it's great. I am very inspired by quotes.

"My, by the power of the written word to make you hear, to make you feel - it is, before all, to make you see. That - and no more - and it is everything"
- Joseph Conrad

He is totally right if you can make the reader see then you did everything you can do with your writing.

So as you can see I'm very positive today. How are you? How are you going with your writing, family, work?

Have a nice day!

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  1. Positive is always good. It's nice to read about life going well for people.
    Writing is happening here. I did 1k yesterday and I'm hoping to do the same or more today. I won't be too stressed if I don't get there. I have a website to design as well.

  2. tracy_d74 Says:

    Whooohoo! YAY! Great news for revisions and Carlito.
    My day has been exhausting. I am about to go read more student papers. Ten more. Just ten more. *sighs*

  3. you almost finish!! you can do it!! I hope you can rest and relax.:)

  4. goog luck with the writing and the website.
    Websites are hard to design.

  5. tracy_d74 Says:

    I finished an hour ago. All the grades are in the computer. I am about to go read a book for leisure.

  6. enjoy your book! I just translated 2 more pages so I'm going to bed, I'm tired.

  7. What words did you learn? I can tell you whether or not they're still used. :-)

  8. I'm planing to post them on monday because I have a few so I can put the word and the way I used it.
    Thank you very much!:)

  9. sarah_create Says:

    That is an incredible translation rate!
    I had a good writing day. Have a nice weekend.

  10. robinellen Says:

    That is wonderful that your son is bilingual in written and spoken language -- woot! :)

  11. I am glad you had a good writing day.
    Have a nice weekend you too!

  12. Yes, it is. They say that for being bilingual you have to learn when you are learning your own language so you can really think in both of them and don't translate. But it is hard because they are very different.
    I learned at the same age he is so I can help him a little with things that helped me.

  13. It would be easier if I wasn't designing it for a committee who can’t agree on anything. >.<

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