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Today I'm excited to have here Katie Hamstead an awesome writer that I'm fortunate to say is my friend and CP.

As I already told all of you her book Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh is out on stores and she’s doing a blog tour so everyone can know more about her and the book.

In this occasion I asked her to talk about why she made Kiya Hebrew. So here it's what she has to say:

Why did I make Kiya Naomi the Hebrew?

Back in High School, when I first learned about the Amarna period and Kiya, I was also studying the Old Testament and Hebrew culture. Back then, there wasn’t much known about Kiya at all, and no one seemed to know where she came from or where she went. So, I thought to myself; What if she was a Hebrew, and because they were considered a “lower” people to the Egyptians they had to cover her true origins?

While doing my research, I discovered that Kiya is believed by most historians to be a Mitanni princess. Yes, this is very different to a Hebrew girl, but there are certain qualities and beliefs the Hebrew culture holds within it that I wanted her to have. So, I made up the story that Akhenaten was given a dream telling him to take her, then he made up another story saying she was created and sent by Aten.

This as a result, gives me the room to explore not only Egyptian history, but what the Hebrews were doing in Egypt during the time between Genesis and Exodus. Using the later period theory, where the Hebrews followed Moses out of Egypt during the time of Ramses II, this places the Hebrews in Egypt during the reign of Akhenaten. So how did they go from Joseph being loved by the Pharaoh to slaves? By making Kiya Naomi the Hebrew, I was able to create a fiction world around these historical theories.

Anabel back here, isn't it interesting how she intertwined history with fiction. If you haven't read it I think you should consider doing it since it's a very interesting read.

You could buy it here:

Also follow her to know more about Kiya and all her new stories.
Twitter - @katieteller1

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  1. Stacey Nash Says:

    Great post, Katie and Anabel. I loved the fact that Kiya is Hebrew in your story. It adds a lot of depth to her characterization.

  2. Thanks Stacey! And a big thank you to you, Anabel for all the support you always give me <3

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