Anabel González

I have to confess something: I have an addicition to books. I can't stop buying or reading them. Right now my kindle is loaded with 165 books unread, If I dint't had a kindle my house would go like this:

Also I have this little mania. I hate to read second books in a series until I have already the third or four or the last one in my kindle. I can't stand cliffhangers, I'm just too curious to wait. Yes I realize I write those clifhangers too. So when I get my hands on all those books I can read two in a day. I just can't stop.

Yes I really look like this! Crazy I know!

Don't make me start with someone interrupting me in a huge emotional scene:
This killing-anyone-who-talks to me energy surrounds me and I have to stop my urges, breathe deep and say: Yes? Although my mind is: don't you see I'm reading?

When reading as any other person I get to those moments when you want to throw the book, when you didn't expected what was going to happen but I always pick the book up because it's that good to call me back.

Yes sometimes I read as a writer and analyze the technique, the words, the writing but when the book is so good I forget about the writer me and become just a simple reader enjoying the magnificent world and characters that are taking my mind in this fantasy.

I'm crazy or it happens to more people?

PS: Yes I love gifs, I have a problem with them and I will try to reduce the number of them I use.

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  1. Stacey Nash Says:

    Yes that happens to me too. Unfotunately I can't read as fast as two books a day though. WOW! My kids just don't allow it, then I look like Bert in the GIF.

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