Anabel González

I did it! I finished another manuscript, all the 75k words of it. The adrenaline and rush of finishing a new dtraft making me feel in heaven!

A heaven were he's celebrating with me, see how happy he is:

This new MS was special and hard for me. It's my first contemporary YA. At first when I had the idea I thought blah this will be easy

Ha! I was certainly wrong but after banging my head against walls, researching all I could, thinking for days, cry blood and go through a roller coaster of emotions, it's done!! So please forgive me if I leave with this guy. Maybe he wants to cook for me.

It's time for me to rest a little and enjoy the simple pleasures of life after the hard work. I deserve this:

See you soon!

PS: Stacey I had to post Ian Somerhalder today. I know you understand ;)
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  1. Stacey Nash Says:

    hahahaha. I said no pictures, you got around me by posting GIFs. Could you possibly fit anymore into one post?

    CONGRATS on finishing the draft. It's certainly worth celebrating!

  2. LOL! I'm very smart when it has something to do with Ian! Oh I could post thousands more but I have to save some for other day! :)
    I'm so happy!

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