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Yes I have been afraid to admit this, afraid to even think I was really feeling it but I have to accept that I have come to hate GS.

It’s not that I don’t like GS or absolutely adore every character is that I have come to hate opening the file. I have gone through this MS like 15 times, a whole year, really I think if he could talk he would say Oh Gosh here she comes again!

I truly believe in my MS don’t get me wrong and I know that with each revision I have improved it a lot, but sometimes when I go to my files about to click it open once again, my brain is screaming not again!

For all you’re reading you might already deduced I’m going through GS again. Yes, I took a great course of Margie Lawson in deep editing and I want to apply it to GS. So once last time I have to go through it and then let it be.

Because I don't want to get to do this:

Over editing is a concern in my mind that’s why I’m editing at a slow pace, there’s a thin line between ready and over edited so I don’t want to go over it.

Have you ever felt like this with any of your projects?
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  1. I totally feel this way at the end of an editing week! I think for me the main thing that helps is to take large chunks of time between edits to just not edit or even think about the WIP at all. Anything to distract.

    Last summer I started a new WIP, obssessed over learning how to make macarons. Pinned a lot of things on pinterest. Did some crafts, went on hikes, etc. I just forced myself to set it aside for a few months. That way when I came at it again it was fresh in my head!

  2. Stacey Nash Says:

    YES! And although part of me thinks, feeling like this I need to step away, the other part just wants to get it finished.

  3. J.S. Clark Says:

    I've had to limit the number of drafts I'll allow myself (3 for me). I figure one, at a certain point I no longer like the story. Two, I change over time therefore what is "right" changes. So I edit something to right and it will be wrong later. Three, I have other things to write. So I decided after three its done whether I like it or not.

    Just for the record I am not satisfied with my own method. =(

  4. Hi Carissa! Yes I think I should have stopped revising for a few months. I'll try with the next one. Thank you!

    Stacey! Yes I just want to get over with it too!

    J.S Wow only three! I could never do that I have very bad first drafts so I need to do huge revisions. Thanks!

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