Anabel González
This year I followed Stephen’s king advice.

As I remember, maybe I’m wrong, when I read On Writing by Stephen King he said it was a good idea to read around 70 or 80 books. My objective this year was to do just that because I really believe you need to read lots to know the genres, the writing and everything that’s out there.

I read lots this year, I’m so happy to say I read 84 books. I read contemporary YA and NA. I read paranormal YA, I read series. I read dystopian YA.I read craft books. Some books were proofreads and others were novels.

This is my year in books:

Now to this year favorites:

YA Contemporary: Coleen Hoover
NA Contemporary J. Lynn
YA Paranormal: Cassandra Clare (I know she’s been here lots of years but I read all this year)
She’s followed really close by Amy Plum and Myra McEntire.

YA Dystopian: Veronica Roth (She’s brave and an excellent writer)
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  1. Stacey Nash Says:

    A great list! Our taste is so similar. :)

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