Anabel González
I know it's not a new year but for me it feels like it. Every time a school year begins it feel more like a new year than the first of January. Maybe it's because life gets back to normal, I can make plans and have an schedule.

So I'm back here after the beautiful but crazy summer. Kids are now in school and I go back to my schedule of writing YAY!!

In a quick recap of the summer finally I drive!! and that believe me is huge for me! I was terrible afraid but now I do it. Also we searched for another doctor for treating Carlos ADHD and finally found one that really understood what he felt and need. Also that made my husband realize finally that he also has it, so he went to a doctor that made a diagnostic and told him that he really has a mayor ADHD and that's why he has so much problems concentrating and remembering things, among other things. So I feel in peace now, I know it will be a long journey for both of them to find stability but they are in the journey and that is enough to make me breathe.

Alex just started preschool and is very happy with it. I see him so small but he is so independent and ready to learn that I am happy from taking him.

Now I can finally go back to my revising and writing class! and also read a little! I'm very excited to get back to all this and to all of you my dear friends!

I haven't spent much time in LJ so please if you have news tell me!

Have a great day!!
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