Anabel González
These last weeks I've been away of LJ and well away of everything unless the kids and my translation.

The kids had the two last weeks of vacation and we have been sick of one thing or another the last two months! It has been horrible!

Anyway I'm back and Just wanted to say hello.

How you're all doing?
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  1. tracyworld Says:

    Anabel! So nice to see you here again. I'm sorry to learn you and your family were sick, though. May you have nothing but GOOD HEALTH from now on!

  2. veijukka Says:

    Sorry to hear you have been ill - I hope everyone is feeling better! How is the translation?

  3. Thank you for the good desires! :)

  4. Yes, finally we are all better! It's going great I have half of it already tranlated and I'm correcting it. How are you doing?

  5. robinellen Says:

    Oh no! I hope the sickness is gone now :(

  6. Yes, finally we are all okay!

  7. veijukka Says:

    Crazy from work and school. Am I too old for summer vacation?

  8. Anabel, I'm so glad to see you again today. LJ's not the same without you!
    Slow and easy's the name of the that you're back, we certainly don't want you (or yours) to have a relapse!

  9. sinetimore Says:

    Still chugging along and trying to make those better days happen. Although my hope is the next convention I go to yeilds some good results.
    Glad you and your family are doing better. Don't be a stranger.

  10. writerjenn Says:

    Welcome back! I wondered how you were.

  11. akossket Says:

    good to have news from you. I was wondering what you were up to. I hope everybody is doing a lot better now.

  12. thank you! life took me away but I'm back YAY!:)

  13. Thank you! everybody is fine now!:)

  14. Thank you! Yes, I'm taking it slowly, I don't want to get sick again.

  15. I ope the convention gets you good results!! I'm crossing fingers!

  16. jennygordon Says:

    Hello *waves* - good to see you back. Hope you and your family are over all the nasty lurgies you've been suffering from.

  17. patesden Says:

    Hey, Anabel. Check out my blog. I have an award for you :)

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