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I lately have been thinking about characters and places of origin. You see, my husband for example says I have special ways of thinking and responses that every Galician(from Galicia, Spain) has,  for example when you give me something or ask for something I usually say why, I always say No before thinking. That comes to me not because I was born in Galicia but because every single drop of my blood comes from there.

I also believe that you think and make some things because we learn them in the place we grow up. The way of thinking, the way of doing things, the way of speaking and eating.

All of this made me thought about characters and if in books we show all these things that influence the way a character is, usually characters in books are some way because of actions of the family, because a futuristic world, because of their actions, etc

Do characters will be more real or are more real when we consider not only the psychological aspects , but also genetics and places where they grew up?

Have you read a character that showed all these things?

I think that exploring characters that way will be interesting.

Have a great Monday!!

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  1. bogwitch64 Says:

    I think about this all the time! And I do believe that knowing such things as where our characters come from, what sort of family they had, etc. create more believable characters.

  2. tracy_d74 Says:

    I think Divergent and Hunger Games captures the, "I lived in a certain environment, so I think a certain way." We are a product of our environment and our genes. They interact in ways we cannot always understand.

  3. robinellen Says:

    Interesting...I've not really thought about that before (not in depth, at least).

  4. Yes, the more I think it the more I believe it!

  5. Is funny how from certain things or conversations we find a way to improve writing.

  6. I haven't read the hunger games, I know I'm the only one!

  7. tracy_d74 Says:

    WHAT? You're kidding. Are you kidding? You have to be. I am certain you've read it. Katniss. Peeta. Gayle.

  8. jennygordon Says:

    And what about a character who has lost their memory and effectively become a blank slate? Would they still display certain characteristics inherent in their upbringing, even though they don't remember that upbringing? I'm inclined to say yes, but I don't know. What do you think?

  9. bogwitch64 Says:

    Oh, yes, yes, yes! The things the mind unconsciously remembers is an incredible thing. It's not exactly the same, but Brunonia Barry's "The Lace Reader" is an amazing study on how memories the mind doesn't realize has shapes us.

  10. I will certainly read that study sounds interesting!

  11. I haven't thought of that. I think that things inherited in our genes appear every time even whe we don't remeber but I haven't thought about things learned when we grew up. But maybe yes there's people that don't rember anything but still like certain food in a certain way and many other details so I think some things stay there.

  12. **blushing** no I'm not kidding. The first time saw the first book I as not very attracted to that kind of books so I didn't buy it. But now I want to read them desperately . Iwill buy them soon , I hope!

  13. tracy_d74 Says:

    Well, ok. I'll admit that when I first read the blurb, I didn't want to read it. But after three people told me, I finally broke down and read them. One of the best book reading decisions of my life. I think you will like them. Too bad we don't live closer, I would loan mine to you.

  14. Is to bad we don't live closer for many thing, this one is one of them!;) I will certainly read it after your recommendation!

  15. jennygordon Says:

    I may have to check out that book. It fascinates me how the mind can hold onto memories of which we have no conscious recollection. Things that emerge again in our dreams and sometimes in our writing.

  16. jennygordon Says:

    I agree - I think some things are hard-wired, regardless of the functioning (or not) of memory.

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