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Welcome to my stop on the Halloween hop a Nightmare in Aus.

Well as you already know I’m a citizen of the world that right now lives in Mexico so sit down because I’m going to tell you a legend we have over here.

La Llorona legend.

People say that many, many years ago a native Mexican woman fell in love with a Spanish gentleman. Despite their social differences they had three kids that the woman loved with all her heart. When she asked the man to marry her and become a real family he said no.

The woman couldn’t believe it; she thought there were in love. A few days later she discovered he had married a wealthy woman as him. Feeling betrayed she went to the river and drowned her kids, drowning herself after them because of the guilt.

Since then at night you can hear her laments “My children!!” near the river. They say La Llorona sometimes still full of pain searches for other children to kill or keep; also she’s hunting women out of jealousy and men out of spite.

People have seen her dressed in white, wandering near water while wailing for her children.

So be aware of La LLorona and if you ever come to visit Mexico, stay away from rivers at night…

My children!!!!!!

I hope I didn't scared you too much but if I did I have a treat for you, I’m going to give away one of this books to one winner. I’ll send it through the book depository so please only enter if they deliver to you.

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  1. Hi, Anabel González,

    Great post! I love hearing scary stories from around the world. I hope the other blog hop posts are as awesome as this one!

  2. Unknown Says:

    Spooky story, Anabel. I loved it!

  3. La Llorona! I've seen one episode on Supernatural about this ghost. It's from the first season, if I'm not mistaken. Spooky ghosts scared the wits out of me.

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