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I wanted to make this post since I knew this news but I had to wait to the moment she announced and then I didn’t had the words.

My Bestie and CP Stacey Nash signed with Entranced for the publication of her novel Forget Me Not.

This was me when I heard the news from her:

This is important for me to say because many people would think that in a situation like this a writer seeking publication too would be jealous, although she would never admit it, and would not know how to react. At least I feared that. But I have to say with total honesty that I don’t have an inch of jealousy right now. I feel proud and happy.

Stacey has worked so hard to make this story perfect, she has made all that was on her hands to become a better writer every day and still does. She’s truly devoted to be a writer all her life. People that work hard always achieve their goals.

I feel so happy for my friend and for her story. It’s a story I love deeply and always knew it would be published that I feel like of course you want to publish it, it’s an awesome story.

So I think that sometimes jealousy of other achievements doesn’t get to us because friendship and love for the person and her work win the battle. So never be afraid of being jealous of your friends achievements, you'll never be.

Celebrate with me and Stacey please and follow Satcey to have more news of the publication of Forget Me Not:

On her blog:

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  1. Brandon Ax Says:

    that's awesome I'll pop on over for a follow.

  2. Stacey Nash Says:

    Oh my gosh, Anabel. That is so sweet, you just made me cry. You are such a beautiful friend, I'm so blessed to have you as a CP. <3

  3. Stacey, I'm the one blessed!

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