Anabel González

Welcome to my little corner. I’m so excited to do this!

First I want to thank Deana for organizing this amazing schedule for writers.

Now let’s start the meet and greet:

I’m Anabel Gonzalez.I live in Mexico City but I think of myself as a citizen of the World. I have lived in Spain (Madrid and Galicia) many years. I learned to read, write and speak English at the same time I learned my native language so both are natural for me. I love Historical places, read fiction, cook and just stay around my kids. Oh! by the way I’m married and I’m the mother of two awesome boys that bring me out of my world of fiction with smiles or shouts.

Where do you write? I write in the study I share with my husband. We have each our own space. I placed pictures all over my corner, a pink quartz heart and lots of notes and papers everywhere.

-Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see? The door. I sit in the right corner.

-Favorite time to write? The mornings, when the kids are at the school and I have 3 hours of complete silence to my fiction world.

-Drink of choice while writing? Flavored black tea.

-When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence? I need silence, although when I’m searching for the emotion for certain scene I need the music to guide me.

-What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it? I was playing with the idea of two opposites falling in love. I adore romance stories. So I thought and thought until the leading male role started talking in my head.

-What's your most valuable writing tip? Write, write and then read. Every day of your life.

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  1. Greetings!

    I am hopping over from GUTGAA and reading all the meet & greet questions. Nice to meet have a lovely blog! Good luck with the contest...

    Donna L Martin

  2. Nicole Says:

    Excellent writing tip! Glad to *meet* you as part of GUTGAA.

  3. Suzi Says:

    Those hours of silence are wonderful, aren't they. My kids are both in school now and I can get so much done!

  4. Nice to meet you Donna! Good luck to you too.

  5. I don't know what would I do if I didn't had those hours for writing!

  6. Kelley Lynn Says:

    Hello! *waves* so nice to meet you!

    I love how when I come here I can learn some Spanish! So cool!

    I can't do the silence thing, gotta have some noise. Have fun with GUTGAA!

  7. Hi!! Nice to meet you!
    OH you only have to ask whatever you'd like to learn in Spanish!

  8. PatEsden Says:

    It sounds like your writing corner looks a bit like mine :)

    I'm so glad you joined the fun!

  9. A.J. Locke Says:

    Hi Anabel, nice to meet you. Gotta say I love opposites romance stories too!

  10. Yes! when I saw your pictures I thought they were very similar.

    Thank you, you inspired me!

  11. Hi, Anabel. I'm on the GUTGAA quest, too. I love that you decorated your corner of the office you share in a way that reflects your own tastes.

  12. Mary Holm Says:

    Hi Anabel,

    So nice to meet you I love that you've personalized your workspace with pictures. I'm sure it helps with inspiration.

    Do you write in Spanish too?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And good luck with GUTGAA!

  13. Clare Says:

    Nice to meet you, Anabel. :D

    Your story about opposites falling in love sounds really interesting. I like romances like that, where the two people might not be an obvious choice as a couple, but somehow it works.

    Ah, those precious hours when the children are at school, and you can get some writing done. I so pleased the school holidays are over!

  14. Mia Celeste Says:

    You're in Mexico City? How very cool.

  15. Stacey Nash Says:

    Hi Anabel, Glad to hear someone else has characters that talk in their head. Make me feel a little more normal. :)

  16. Jeannette Says:

    Hi Anabel! I'm so jealous of your three child-free hours every day! Lucky woman! :) Have fun with GUTGAA!

  17. Angie Sandro Says:

    I love Earl Grey, but my kids do to. So we fight over who gets the last cup.

  18. Cynthia Says:

    Saying hello from GUTGAA... That's so neat that you can write in 2 languages!

  19. Hello from GUTGAA!
    My daughter is completely fluid in Spanish and she learned it on her own/ She actually graduated with Honors in Foreign Language (and Biology)
    My Spanish is little.
    Enjoy this month with GUTGAA!
    Talynn #28

  20. Hi Kathy!
    Yes that way it inspires me!

  21. Hi Mary!
    I write in both languages. But lately I have been writing more in spanish.
    Good luck to you too.

  22. Hi Clare!

    Thank God for those hours!

  23. Hi Mia!
    Yep, I'm surrounded of lots of history and I love it!

  24. Stacey, I think we are normal right? oh well who said normal was good ;)

  25. Yes weekdays are heaven for my writing.
    Nice to meet you Jeanette

  26. Hi Angie,

    Just as my kids they love black tea and coffee, but as much as they hate me I don't let them drink it or they would be jumping around the place all day.

  27. Hello Talynn!
    Congratulations to your daughter, it's hard to learn a new language let alone learnign it on your own.

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