Anabel González
So it came the time when everything ends:

And although it’s been a while since I knew the ending, suffered and loved it; I’m sad. Harry potter was an icon of an era were kids started to read again, JK Rowling made middle grade and YA attractive again to everyone. But must of all I will miss the characters: Harry with all his troubles and bravery, Hermione with her great intelligence and loyalty, and Ron with his great sense of humor and also loyalty. Who couldn’t love those characters and whant to see them in every new thing they will start after ending this journey?
All this is still too recent for me; I just saw the last movie on Sunday. Although I have to say I give it an awesome goodbye. My husband took me to a VIP cinema

Where I could see it with ice-cream and a Cosmopolitan so we can celebrate. Although by the end of the evening I wasn’t in the mood of celebrating.
I don’t know if it happened to you but I cried in every situation although I already knew the things that were going to happen. I enjoyed it as much as the book, maybe because it is the best adaptation of a book I have seen. For sure they changed things, but they give that special moment that we all were anxious to see. For me it was Snape’s moment, just perfect.
How you are all feeling after the last movie of Harry Potter? What were your thoughts when you saw it? Did you miss anything?
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