Anabel González

These last days, I didn't post anything and only comment on your posts because I have been a little down. We have been sick for almost 3 weeks, of cold, of stomach and now again we have a cold. Grrr I hate to be sick.

But I managed to do my assingnments and finally I'm up to date in my writing class. Although I'm still fighting with the query letter! I outlined the first changes I'm going to do to Glowing Shadow and finally I can continue translating.

This weekend was my son Carlos birthday. I don't know when the time passed away but now he is six and I wonder were is my first little baby! Anyway we spend a great day , we brought Mc Donald's ( his favorite food) the grandpas and his godmother came to have lunch and we all played with him kinect and wii! He was very happy!

Here is a photo of me with my two babies, as you can se we had chocolate cake Yommi! Please don't see the black circles under my eyes (I used corrector if not believe I'm a raccoon)

I love Mafalda I know it is in Spanish but I found this one with translation and thought that it was perfect for what we are living all around the world.

#???, Mafalda 10 (1974)
Man: "Changing the world! Ha! Kids' stuff!"
Man: "I, too, had such ideas when I was young, and now you see..."
Mafalda: "We're doomed, guys! It turns out, if we don't hurry up and change the world, the world changes us!"

As Mafalda says we can only hope to change the world before it change us.

Have a wonderful day!
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  1. bogwitch64 Says:

    Oh, my--such beautiful boys can only come from so beautiful a mama!
    I hope you all feel better soon, love.

  2. olmue Says:

    Happy birthday to your son! I have a just-turned-6YO as well. :)
    Y--me encanta Mafalda!

  3. Ok, now I'm blushing and red raccoons aren't beautiful. LOL thank you swetie!

  4. Happy birthday to your son ( it is never late to say it).
    Mafalda is so wise!

  5. jeniwrites Says:

    It was neat to be able to read "Mafalda" -- I'd heard of it through my son's Spanish class, but had never seen this strip.
    I am sending you many, many hugs and good wishes for you and each member of your family. I had the raccoon-eye stage when my 3-year-old was a baby. I hope the sickness goes away very, very soon and that you're able to feel better soon. Cheering for you.

  6. I have grown up with Mafalda and her critiques of the world. I really love her.
    Thank you so much for the hugs and good wishes.
    I hope you all are good!

  7. shoebrera Says:

    Mafalda is great! I wish I read Spanish, just so I could check it out every day.
    Your posts are always delightful, sweetie. I thought you should know.
    I hope your family kicks that nasty bug soon and everyone -- especially you -- gets to feeling better. And for a mother of 2 active boys, one now no longer a baby, You Look Great!

  8. mongrelheart Says:

    What a beautiful family! Sorry to hear you've been sick. I'm glad you're feeling better finally and have gotten up to date in your writing class. Best of luck with that query letter :)

  9. Hello, beautiful friend! And wow, those are some good-looking sons you've got in your arms. :)
    Feel better soon...xo

  10. Your kids are adorable! And I hope you feel better soon!

  11. Aw you have a lovely family, God bless you all. <3
    And I hope you get well soon!

  12. robinellen Says:

    That picture is darling :)
    I'm so sorry you've been sick -- that's always so depressing :( I hope you all feel better very soon!

  13. writerjenn Says:

    Hope your whole family feels better soon!

  14. thank you! I will need the luck with the query letter!

  15. thank you! you're very sweet!
    I hope it goes away because they even sick are very active!

  16. thank you! I will take vitamins after this!

  17. I love that piture! I have very few of the three of us together and I think we only have two of the four of us.
    Yes being sick is depressing but I hope it ends soon!

  18. tracy_d74 Says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos, Carlos!
    They are so handsome. Not too surprising giving their mother's good looks.
    Get well soon.

  19. jennygordon Says:

    So sorry you've been poorly. Sending healing wishes (((hugs)))

  20. tracyworld Says:

    You are such a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing that photo, Anabel.
    I'm sorry you've all been struggling with illness. I hope you all feel ALL better soon. It's so hard when those bad feelings drag on and on.
    The Mafalda strip was perfect! I read the Spanish and was pleased to kinda-sorta understand it. :)

  21. Oh my! I am really blushing with this post! Thank you!

  22. Thank you so much Tracy!
    Yes when you are sick and that feelings get into you is hard to get them out.
    I specially you would like it. Yya for understanding it. Mafalda is the better critic of the world I know.

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